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Here was one of our guiding questions: why cant we spend the time on an INSET day actually working with through challenges we face in our classrooms with colleagues?

Our response: let’s provide the ‘narrative’ first. Using audio, written & video content we want you to access this information in your own time, in your own way: whilst commuting, in the bath, after Sunday lunch.

Secondly, we want you to interact with this content, the course facilitators and critically each other. Sharing your thoughts, responses, ideas about the content using our custom made digital platform. This is intended as a fun, engaging way of working.

Finally, we meet together in real life. No more hiding behind the content. We know you are busy people and schools can be stressful places. We want to get together and have a thoughtful, supportive and revitalising time with each other.

Naturally we owe a debt of gratitude to two movements: to blended learning and to #edtech