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Pilot group gathering | School of Ren

Dear Participants,

The final part of our “blended learning” experience is an in-person forum. This time is for us to seek deeper understanding, share ideas, reflect on the work and commit to practice. There will be directed activities but the bulk of time will be given over to facilitated discussions with each other. We have set aside a maximum amount of time but imagine that we may not use it all, we understand that your time is precious and want to make the most of it. Our intention is to provide time so we can:

  • Experience some good practice that we can use in our classrooms.
  • Have time to share with each other ideas that help our teaching.
  • Consider what evidence based initiatives we can use to support our work.
  • Make meaningful contact with colleagues outside of our communities.
  • Make a commitment to action that we can be held accountable to.

Please come to the ‘Gathering’ at the following time and location, we will provide refreshments.

Friday  2nd June from 3pm – 7pm

Saturday 3rd June from 9:30am – 4pm

Address: Mateřská škola Zeměkoule 176, Praha 4 – Kunratice

Please bring a device that can connect to the Internet: A mobile phone will do!